Monday, October 8, 2012

Wow, hello again!

I'm not going to lie - I COMPLETELY forgot this blog existed until it somehow popped up in my memory today. I forgot how many posts there actually was! It is also amusing reading what I have written about people who I didn't really know back then who I now call friend. I think I should revive this thing. A LOT has happened since 2010. I am now director of The Swing Sesh since Mr Charmzor moved to Europe. A lot of our teachers have moved overseas (those bastards!) and we have a lot of new up and comers who help keep me going with their passion and enthusiasm. I've opened a dance studio, taught almost a year of burlesque classes, have started planning something like 25 fringe events for 2013 and have moved about the city. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to many swing events this year - I should have kept blogging through 2011 because I went to more swing events in one year then all the rest put together! I'm producing The Halloween Hop at the end of maybe we can have a little sumthin sumthin after that. Or perhaps I can convince one of the crew to write about their experiences at Bal on The River or Sydney Lindy Exchange last weekend (neither of which I went to. *cry). Peace out!

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