Friday, January 15, 2010

Camp Oz level auditions (insert hysterical girly scream here!)

That's right, The Lunar Lounge is back and ready to swing and shimmy it's way into 2010. These blog pages have been fairly quiet over the last few weeks, but that's just to prepare you for the insane awesomesness that should be, can be, and will be Camp Oz 2010. The reason that it will be so awesome, of course, is because it's my first time! That's right, for shame, I have been Lindy hopping in Adelaide for just over 2 years now and have yet to pop my camp oz cherry. I'm looking forward to a week of what I hear is numerous inside jokes, sweaty sweaty bodies, and hardcore drooling over the top notchers.

Whilst I'm more than a little excited, I hear there is this small thing called auditions. What? Someone looking at me while I dance, and judging me with their judging eyes? Someone with more style in one step then I have in my entire swing out, deciding my camp oz fate? Yes, as you can see, this makes me a little nervous. It's not that I might get put down a level, there's no shame in being any of the levels, it's the fact that I know I don't perform well under pressure, and my whole future is based on this one moment!! Aggggaaaagggghhhhhhh!!!

Ok, so you might say I'm being dramatic, but just to be sure, I'm imposing on myself a hardcore camp oz training scheme, which I recommend for all those in the same boat as I. This training scheme will obviously involve a montage. If you've ever watched a movie with any kind of physical hurdle for the character to overcome, a montage is always the way it's done. Said montage should include:
* Continous swing outs. Kind of obvious really. Though there should be someone with a stop watch, for timing purposes.
* Looking sweaty in a gym, preferably in vintage clothing. Instead of lifting weights though, I'll be lifting my dance partner over my head. I'm not sure how this will help my dancing, but it can't hurt.
* Me just losing it due to the rigorous training. I.e, throwing my dance shoes in a bitter rage, or curling into the foetal position muttering "level one, level two, level three, level four..." repeatedly.
* The final shining moment when I acheive victory (not being humiliated), running out to the streets to momentous applause by total strangers.

Seriously though, I know A LOT of girls (and boys) who are pretty nervous about it. Whilst I've never done a camp oz, I have done a lot of auditioning (for dancing) before, and it's really not all that bad. I think the main thing is to remember to relax, smile, and have a good time. When I get nervous (which is pretty often, even though I've been a performer for over 10 years!), the thing I try and do is concentrate on breathing normally (a lot of people hold their breath) and relax all my muscles bit by bit, starting with my toes and working up. If your mouth goes dry, (gently!) bite the tip of your tongue, that really helps.

I think the main thing to remember though is, no matter where you end up, the instructors are pretty fab and you're bound to learn something new and interesting. I reckon it's going to be a pretty kick ass week, though I'm fairly sure I'll be dead by the end of it.

And for all those lovely ladies who are not able to attend (and the boys who read this too), I'll be keeping you posted on all the happy haps.

Stay tuned!


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