Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blues: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

Continued from part 1.

Looney: Ok, well on a similar topic, do you think blues dancing does breed the dirty hook up? Like does this happen a lot in the Australian scene? Because I know a few guys who definietly use their bluesing to impress the laaaadies.

Karacticus: I dunno, I am so blind to these things

Babe Ruthless: I have never had a dance hook- up at all so perhaps I'm doing something wrong in my blues?

Buggs: Me too - I've been with my bf forever, so I never enter into it with a view to a dirty hookup!

Looney: Yeah I know that we are all shining examples of purity (ha!), but do you think it goes on?

Babe Ruthless: I think I'd be kinda embarassed if a dirty pash broke out on the dance floor.

Looney: I've seen it.

Karacticus: You've seen it? Really??!!

Looney: They tried to hide in the corner but I saw it.

Karacticus: Classy

Buggs: Haha. Okay, I'll bite. Yes, I have totally hooked up with a boy after bluesing with him at a late night. But in my defence, I blame Long Island Iced Tea, not Blues!


Looney: Well it's ok, you're not the only one (*covers face in shame*).

Buggs: Haha, nothing wrong with that! Look, it's just a grown-up, more socially acceptable version of the teenage dry-hump on the couch. Not always, mind you, but copious booze + hot and heavy blooze + boys and girls with a 'what happens at the exchange stays at the exchange' vibe = hookup central!

Babe Ruthless: Is there a difference between a dance floor hook up and one that takes place post dance ??

Looney: Well I'm sure the difference is amount of clothes.

Karacticus: I guess the difference is the origin of the pick-up. If you've never really met and then you have a blues dance together and then hook up ... well that's one thing, but if you're keen on someone and then you have an awesome blues dance - it is different - because you've probably had the great blues dance because of the connection beforehand.

Babe Ruthless: All this information is very pertinent to those travelling down to CCB this weekend !

Looney: Exactly!

Karacticus: I mean, I know of a few blokes in the scene who impress the ladies with their "moves" but does it happen often?

Looney: It's so hard to tell, because the Australian scene is pretty small so most people seem to be very hush hush about it. I mean I know a few people who have had the exchange hook up, and no one has ever known about it (except me...because I'm special).

Buggs: I totally don't want to scare anyone off blues with this dirt-dishing session - I think the beauty of it is blues is now a bonafide dance form without an implied connotation of sleaziness, but you can still throw off your inhibitions at the late-night if you're feeling it. So basically, you can choose how you want to approach it.

Babe Ruthless: It's nice to know that even with the blooze and booze and boys there is still room for a little old fashioned decorum.

Karacticus: I guess for me, in the lead up to CCB there are a few things that I think the nubs need to know but everyone needs to be reminded of...a) please please please make sure you smell nice b) please please please make sure that you don't just thrust yourself at your partner (lead or follow), make sure that they are comfortable with being in close first. "Test the waters" as they say.

Looney: Naw, no beaver clamp?

Karacticus: only on Jarryd.

Buggs: Blooze dance floors are smaller - please exercise mindful floor craft! If I get trodden on by one high heel, I'm leaving!

Looney: YES! Babe Ruthless you got anything to add?

Babe Ruthless: Only that I'm totally jealous that I won't be there to learn the art of the beaver clamp.

Karacticus: Even though I am a teacher - please ask me to dance! Leads and Follows!

Buggs: Yay! Even though nobody knows me - please ask me to dance!

Looney: Leads, be nice to your follow. It may sound simple, but do it! If your follow makes a mistake, maybe lead the move again later, so she can get it. If she doesn't get it again, maybe leave it (there is nothing worse than a whole dance of trying to get one move right). If she wants to play around with the music, let her! Dont go ruining her flow. And I guess for follows though listen to what the lead is doing with his body and don't get toooo caught up in your own thing! Oh and definietly ask me to dance!

Karacticus: Oh and if you say no to someone for a dance - please sit out that entire song... unless of course your reason is "Oh sorry, I've actually said yes to xxx"

Looney: Well thats our next topic. Because blues is kind of an *intimate* dance (even if its not sexual), is it ok to say no? There's kind of this culture where it is expected you say yes. Do you think this is good or bad?

Karacticus: No, I think in blues you can definitely say no.

Looney: So it's ok to just say "No thankyou" and leave it at that?

Karacticus: I think so. I mean, I don't turn down dances *that* often.I will if I am pooped or if I need water or a break. I wouldn't say no to someone I've never danced with but I would say no if the person hurts me, or makes me feel uncomfortable.

Babe Ruthless: Ahh I think this is a tough one.

Looney: Yeah, very rarely I say no, because I dont want to dance with the guy for whatever reason, and then I feel pissed I have to sit out the whole song so I can pretend I'm resting. Actually Im not sure if I should say that....otherwise all the guys will think Im faking when I am actually resting!

Buggs: Muh, there's only one lead in Oz I'd say no to on sight - but I'll never say who it is! Trust me, it's for a good reason, and I'll always try to be nice about it.

Babe Ruthless: I know how shitty I feel when someone says no to me, so I wouldn't do that to someone else, you could be surprised, it might be nice!

Looney: I have a tip for everyone. If there are people you really don't want to dance with, my suggestion is just do it (unless they're hurting you or something) and get it over and done with. And do it early in the night so that its not late night grinding. Lol.

Karacticus: Yeah that's true Looney.

Buggs: I should clarify that it's because this person has actually hurt me dancing in the past, and is a very hurty dancer in general. As a rule I totally agree with Looney - say yes, be sweet and just do it!

Babe Ruthless: In the blues room at BOTR someone who I felt was a little creepy asked me to dance and I was tempted to say no, but am soooo glad I said yes - It was freakin awesome.

Buggs: Babe - that's awesome! I love surprises like that!

Karacticus: I guess I'm a bit more protective of myself and my enjoyment, like I do this dance because I love it - and I will lindy with anyone! But with blues I feel that some people are inapropriate.
I have been hurt by some people (physically and emotionally) so will avoid dancing with them.

Babe Ruthless: That's when a strategic knee is useful.

Looney: Haha, yeah just *accidently* knee him in the balls and he'll never ask you to dance with him again.

Buggs: By contrast, I've been scared to say yes to someone who was really awesome (thinking I'd be too crappy) but it turned out the either weren't as uber as I thought, or tailored the dance to my level. God, they're my favourite type of leads - the ones who can tailor it to you and don't make you feel they're dumbing it down. We have a lead in Australia with a giant clock who is just like that.

Karacticus: Yeah, there are dancers out there who make you feel like the best freaking dancer in the entire world - because they've lead stuff that you can just do!

Babe Ruthless: A giant WHAT???

Looney: Can't wait to catch up with the clock master.

Buggs: Ah, in-jokes - you never get old!

Babe Ruthless: Oh! OK! I hate being out of the loop!

Karacticus: There are a number of leads who just know how not to make you feel like you're shit and it is lovely - I hate feeling like I am being tested in a dance.

Babe Ruthless: There is one guy who I always feel is testing me - even if he's not.

Buggs: Me too. Or worse, the ones who just lead boring stuff on you when it is clear they're just trying to get through the obligation dance. We can tell, you know!

Looney: Yeah!

Buggs: Ooh, are we naming names now?

Looney: Why not? It's positive.....or do you think the boys we dont mention will be upset?

Karacticus: Not if you mention how big the cLock is.

Buggs: Fair call. In that case, we can reveal the man with the giant clock is none other than Riccardo from Melbourne. He's a 'make you feel good about it, tailor-made' dance guy. I always feel like a million bucks after dancing with him.

Babe Ruthless: Well I shall look forward to MLX and try and nab a dance with the famous Clock Master.

Looney: Ok, so to move on, we are now going to blatantly rip off the Beaver Lodge 'Dance or Do'. Though those ladies ripped it off Sausage Fest so I guess it's not so bad. We contemplated naming it something else such as 'Shag or Shag', or 'Bal or 'Blow', but decided 'Dance or Do' just works so well. So Buggs, I'm going to hand it over to you.

Buggs: "And now it's time for Dance or Do, sponsored by". Babe Ruthless. Peter Strom or Skye Humphries

Babe Ruthless: Ok , so I would dance with Peter and do Skye, the reasons for this are purely based on things I have heard from fellow follows. Skye made the classes at Camp Oz do Crazy charleston in 40 degree heat without aircon/fans, so he clearly has stamina,
And..I would really love to dance with Peter Strom so that he can tell me everything that I am doing wrong, so I can fix it and be the worlds best dancer.

Buggs: Superficially? Do Strom, dance Skye. Why? Skye (although very spunky) reminds me of Prince William, and sleeping with Prince William is all kinds of weird. Also, Skye is one of my favourite dancers to watch. Strom is an awesome dancer, but he is luckily also well fit, innit. So dance Skye, do Strom. The end.

Looney: Haha. Nice. I would do Strom, and dance with Skye, only because Skyes hair is so crazy, that I reckon it bouncing around above me would be distracting.

Babe Ruthless:
haha, thats easily solved Looney.

Buggs: Oh dear me

Karacticus: I guess, my reason for dancing with Skye is cos I love the energy he brings and the way he leads... it is just awesome so what is left is do the Strom...and yes, buggs he is "fit, innit".

Looney: I love how he is now "The Strom".

Babe Ruthless: Oh I'll have to change my name for Camp Oz, I don't even know these people.

Looney: Bahahaha. So to finish up, what are your final words of advice for all those heading here to Radelaide?

Karacticus: Come for fun, dance nerdery and to be pleasant to others (and by pleasant I mean smell nice, behave nicely and do nice things).

Buggs: Ask a local to dance! In fact - collect the set! Our ladies are beautiful, our leads are manly, and our personal hygiene is BEYOND REPROACH. Try an Adelaider today, and you'll agree - Adelaide is RADelaide!


Buggs: And I'm done.

Babe Ruthless: I love it! thats my next mission - Try an Adelaider today.

Looney: My advice is dance with as many people as you can, and if you are going to hook up, do it off of the dance floor! Lol. Anyway thanks so much ladies! You have been grand.

Buggs: It's been a pleasure.

Karacticus: Likewise! Ciaow!

Babe Ruthless: Everyone enjoy CCB! Bye!

Looney: And that brings us to the end of our (very long) third edition! Hope you enjoyed it, and hope to see you on the dance floor this weekend. Stay tuned for post CCB goss! Over and out.

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